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hot foods that hurt more on the way out than they did on the way in

suicidal deer on the road


slight imperfections that make you hate an object, but not enough to fix or throw away, like a chipped dinner plate or non-rusting scratch/dent on a noticeable part of the car

my dental insurance that doesn't cover major work unless I wait 24 months - I need work now or face permanent damage

4-cylindar econoboxes that have been ‘riced’ – including:
-loud, fat exhausts that sound like shit,
-blue headlights that look like shit and don’t at all perform like real HID headlights,
-more body kit panels than actual performance parts,
-some asian characters that the driver most likely can’t translate,
-aggressive driving of these cars that, by the way, couldn’t outrun the average mundane V6 family sedan, SUV, or pickup truck
-owners of such cars that lie about it’s acceleration times and race wins

Wal*Mart (I stopped shopping there in 2001)

‘one-uppers’ – you know, those people that say something that seems more impressive in reply to everything they hear and see – e.g. Person A: “I finally bought some new work shoes today”; Person B: “I just got some new steel-toed Gore-Tex lifetime warranty hunting boots that cost me over $250.00”

web page ad-banners with flashes or sounds

beep-beep . com commercials

mainstream beer

people who don’t replace things when they take them – e.g. not getting out a new roll of toilet paper when the old one is done, people not replacing towels when they take them out of the kitchen/bathroom, people that don’t replace the beer when they take the last one, etc.

George W. Bush

Bob Taft (Gov. of Ohio)

people that ask for a huge favor when there’s almost no time left to do it (they could have given me a lot more notice if they were better organized)

The list goes on and on…

Don't forget to live before you die.
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