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Custom Portable Device (Network Drive)

Hi all,

I'm trying to accomplish the following: have Winamp see my phone/mp3 player as a portable device via WiFi, and be able to send files/playlists to it as with any other cable portable device.

As of right now, I got as far as having my phone listed as a network drive on my PC/in Windows Explorer (via a phone based FTP server and using an IP). Now, I could go ahead and use gUSB and have the drive in there, but since the phone has a unique folder structure, I need to go deeper and be able to choose the dynamic folder names (as in "/files/MP3/<artist>/..." and so on).

Is there a way to have create a custom portable device in Winamp, like a certain folder as the base and then have pmp_p4s.dll or pmp_usb.dll do the rest? And if not, is there any way at all to connect Winamp to a WiFi device?

Thanks in advance,
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