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Music Playing Fast

Hi to everyone. I have posted on this board before and got sound advice, hopefully I can get the same with my latest problem. As before I have search the technical support posts and help files for a solution to my problem but to no avail this is a last resort. And I will try to give as much info as possible.

Ok, my problem is this:

I have 2 pc's connected to each other by 2 network cards via a crossover cable (no firewall, no proxy server). PC 'A' also has a cable modem (512kbps) attached to it which PC 'B' shares. PC 'B' has the shoutcast software on it with winamp playing and had been streaming perfectly for a few days now. Everyone could hear the stream fine, it was touching with the shoutcast server, all was well. then........

I attempted to put introduce an intro file and that is when the problems started. Reading the help files I made sure the intro file was the same bitrate etc as the stream (56kbps 44khz stereo). The intro file is found when the DNAS started the stream and plays when someone starts a stream, but the music plays normally for about 5-10 seconds and the stream starts re-buffering and the music plays fast.

The only thing I have changed in the sc_serv.ini file is the intro file (obviously) it is called IntroFile=c:\intro%d.mp3 (the ; has been removed) and yport which is on 666.

I have reinstalled the winamp and shoutcast s/ware from scratch because when I first tried to do this I got bitrates wrong and generally ballsed it up and it was playing fast as the help files said it would. So I back tracked to the original setting. (the one that worked without the intro file) but the stream still played fast.

So I am currently at the state where as the intro file works but the music stream doesn't.

Can you help me please.
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