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Thanks for the link!

I tried Outcast DSP and my stream is smoother.

The wierd things is that the play back on my computer is insanely choppy no matter at what resolution i transmit. I think i tried every configuration in Outcast and playback is still real slow. When i disconect Outcast, my playback returns to being normal but as soon as i reconnect things start sounding terrible.

I listened to my stream and it does sound better but i'm guessing that as soon as the listener's buffer catches up to my stream (whick plays in half-time) the listener will have inturuptions in sound. (not to mention how lame [no pun] it is not to be able to listen to your our machine cause the playback is so unbearable)

With Shoutcast DSP, my machine played the songs smoothly but the stream was clippy, and playing fast (skipping samples or something). I tried transmitting in various resolutions but the problem remained the same ; Bad stream.

It seems i'm having the same problem with both Shoutcast DSP and Outcast DSP, just in opposite ways...

Any ideas?

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