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ok, so something interesting, bit of a tangent but...

i took my CAF ALAC and tried to play it with VLC and it WORKED.

this then reminded me of a debate i had with DrO about images (that i think spilled over into audio formats), and my memory on this is fuzzy so i might be recounting it wrong, but winamp seems to fail as a deliberate design choice if things don't match, like if an image is png but has a jpg extension, winamp will show nothing purposely, even though a web browser will display it. i think that choice also extends to audio decoding.

i believe i said i think winamp should, to whatever degree possible, examine headers and so on in the file and try to use/decode the file (image or audio) in spite of whatever mistaken extension it may have. needless to say, i don't think i got very far with that argument.

in any case, it may not even apply to any of this, but just thought i'd mention it.

anyway, i don't know if my link was any use to you, but i am curious where you found links that explain the m4a file spec? i ask b/c i can't find anything that looked useful to me. where is the info showing you how to do this?

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