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starbucks cds?

does anybody know how to make those audio cds used by the playnetwork machines? it appears to be an .aud file format. there has been a confusion whether it is an mp3 or a mp2. it is also not the same .aud files as the ones in command and conquer, because the .aud files for C&C do not play in winamp (it has to be playable in winamp). well, here is a dead thread in another forum and i wanted to bring it over here and hope you guys can help.;threadid=71281

note: the playnetwork machines... well... it is kind of hard to describe. it is a machine made specifically to play only the cds distributed by playnetwork. more info can be found here.

please help. some of us who open the story at 5 in the morning could really use some customized cds to help us wake up!
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