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Winamp freezes when using auto tag

Hey guys, perhaps you can help me too. A few days ago I was using auto tag both for individual files as well as in batches, all seemed to work.

Than suddenly it stopped. Now when I hit the auto tag button the small popup appears saying that it is contacting gracenote, but that's it. It just freezes. I need to close the programme, and than press ctrl+alt+del and manually end the process winamp.exe. when this is done, I can restart winamp and use it again, apart from the auto-tag function.

when trying to do several files in batches the same things happens. It tries to connect with gracenote, but everything just freezes and the same escape route as indicated above is needed in order to get winamp going again.

Why oh why is it doing this? It is especially curious as until a few days ago it was working just fine, it just decided to stop. The irrational character of this problem leads me to suspect Windows XP has something to do with it, but I do not have any proof .

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