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You can find a detailed list of all native plugins in these threads

Note that you can manually remove Online Services (i.e. Channels listed under the Online Services node) by right-clicking them and selecting "Remove".

Some of them are still working, e.g. SHOUTcast Radio (currently undergoing work with an update due soon), LyricsMeaning, MetroLyrics, etc.

You can also manually add or edit any of said Online Services

If you want to completely remove the Online Services node, then close Winamp and move ml_online.dll out of the %ProgramFiles%\Winamp\Plugins folder.

Now Playing = ml_nowplaying.dll
Though I think NowPlaying is also meant to be getting a makeover soon...

Podcasts = ml_wire.dll
Though note that you can manually select any Podcast service to use via:
Winamp > Prefs > Media Library > Podcasts > Podcast Directory Service

I've currently got mine set to
Though I'm still looking out for something that's updated more regularly (and also without any annoying ads or other banners etc).

Gracenote can be disabled by going to:
Winamp > Prefs > Plugins > Input > in_cdda > Config
and unchecking "Use MusicID"

Then, with Winamp closed, you can delete/rename/move these files:

Though ideally, CDDBControlWinamp.dll, CDDBUIWinamp.dll & CddbMusicIDWinamp.dll should be properly unregistered first via the Admin Command Prompt...

Start > Programs > Accessories > System > Command Prompt (Right-click > Run As Administrator)
regsvr32 /u %ProgramFiles%\Winamp\Plugins\Gracenote\CDDBControlWinamp.dll
Repeat as above for CDDBUIWinamp.dll & CddbMusicIDWinamp.dll
Close Command Prompt.

Playlist Generator = ml_plg.dll
AutoTag = ml_autotag.dll

And I think that's all of them.

We'll be replacing all of those features/services for the next release.
But we've still got a hell of a lot of work to do before we can get said next (awesome) version of Winamp released...


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