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Originally Posted by MrSinatra View Post

wouldn't it make sense to put out an interim release with a working mp3 dll and the gracenote / aol stuff etc removed? just something to bridge the last release to what I am sure will be a new awesome radionomy release? (meaning bug fixes and deletions, but not new features?) I do worry that a lot of people who don't come to the forums will really be put off by the last release, and write winamp off as buggy and unusable.
Yes, it would make sense in an ideal world.
However, we aren't even licensed to use the Fraunhofer mp3 & aac codecs any more.
Everything licensed by/to AOL (Gracenote, Sonic, Fraunhofer, etc) needs replacing before there can be an official new patch or release.
It's a big job and it's going to take some time. Sorry.
We *will* be back - bigger, better & freer than ever before :-)
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