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The general idea IS to use open source solutions...
However, it's not just a simple case of replacing x with y,
it's a big job to strip out all the old code and replace it with the new code.
The mp3 decoder, for example, is an integral part of Winamp.
And yes, we may well have to tell people to download lame_enc separately (on clean installs).

We also can't really just strip out Sonic without providing a working alternative ripping+burning solution.
Again, it's another big job.

Gracenote to Musicbrainz etc is also a fairly big job.
But when it's done, we'll have a working CDDB + AutoTag feature, a better playlist generator (and one that doesn't crash), and also an album art retrieval service again (Gracenote prevented us from using any other service).

We're working on all the above and more (with, currently, an even smaller team than before), so the current codebase isn't in a state where we can release anything.

When will it be ready? When it's ready!

We didn't know the exact date when the Gracenote license would expire.
We were kind of hoping it was valid until 2015, but obviously not :-(

All we can do is apologize profusely and hopfully promise to get something out as soon as humanly possible.
Sorry again.
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