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the points of issue in Winamp currently are the parts that have to be effectively re-written from scratch and is part of the plan for the end of the year release schedule being aimed for (as detailed elsewhere).

a patch installer would be ideal, but as Egg and Koopa have detailed, it's just not possible and the bits that can be provided aren't the parts that are at issue and so would not be helpful in the main part to provide updated versions of.

and it's known that it's not ideal to not be able to put out fixed parts, but this is just what would have happened if Winamp hadn't been sold - at least there's the case that there will be a fixed / new version provided. and it's known that not being able to provide updates is hurting things, but time is the biggest hinderence in getting things done (as i'm behind on getting builds to the internal beta group at the moment due to spending additional time researching replacement solutions for things that need to be replaced or included as part of the new feature set).

so currently, what is currently broken in Winamp (which is mainly online related aspects as well as Gracenote powered features) should be about as bad as it's going to get (assuming i do my job correctly).
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