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How to make the best out of the Arts and Desgin Forum

Being that the only people that actually frequent this part of the Winamp Forums are a small ammount of regulars, i.e., izchan, Magic Midget, myself, White Raven, etc...I thought it would benefit the newer members of the forum, how can I put this....the what and what not to do in here.

I know I'm not a mod, and these aren't rules, they're suggestions that I'd figure would help the newer members out, and save the regulars the frustration of seeing something off topic.

-Knowing full well that these Forums are grouped with the Skinning Section, this would mislead a lot of people into believeing that skinners actually frequent this section. When in actuallity all the answers they would be looking for aren't in here.

-If you DO have a question about Skins, you're answers would most likely be here.

-The members of the Winamp Forums who do frequent here are either writers or dabble in Computer Art, Graphic Design, Drawing, etc. If you have some art you would like to share, feel free to.

-Constructive Criticism is welcome, in order to further help the artist perfect their creation. But please, keep the childish remarks to yourself, because honestly, someone who has worked so hard to perfect something would be deeply hurt if they were shot down. Just keep this in mind, would you want someone saying the same about your work?

-Also, if you have some art that you think is innappropriate, read the Rules, and or, check with a Mod first, so that you don't get banned if it isn't something you can post.

And as always, read the rules, search before you post a question, blah blah...just have fun.
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