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strange issue, bad broken file?

here's something that got me to thinking...

i have a file that has a decent id3v2 tag, and that plays properly in winamp. however, winamp says it has a length of " 00 " and the bitrate column is blank!

when i do "file info" on it, i got "payload size" in the format info box and thats it. i am assuming that this file has a bad lame header or something like that, (yet not bad enough to keep from playing, its a 160kbps 44 stereo file).

does anyone know how to scan for and fix such files? i am pretty sure i have seen other [less damaged] files in my collection that are basically empty in the format info box too, yet report mostly properly in the ML.

this is somewhat serious, b/c i think bad lame headers or things similar to this slow down the scanning process, and can cause trouble on portables.

any ideas? fixes? thx!

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