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Answering backwards because I am up far too early in the morning... the command line stuff should do the same as I am describing but with less pretty GUI to let you know what is going on. Get to grips with the GUI and you can avoid learning the command line side. (Or come back to that for advanced lessons)

Originally Posted by MrSinatra View Post
hi guys, thx for responding,

esp you BP, as i thought i recalled you having similar expert postings on this before.
I have been working with these permissions since the days of yore. (Well, NT 3.51 back in the dim and distant 1990s)
Originally Posted by MrSinatra View Post
i have not yet tried anything, i want to be sure i don't make anything worse. i should point out that my two screenshots are file properties, and not folder properties.
Don't be scared of these dialogs. You learn more when you make mistakes. Practice on a single album first if you want to be sure of what you are doing.

Yes, you have shown file properties. But folders look the same. With the added bonus of any work you do on a folder can be propagated down the whole tree underneath it with that magic tick box.

Originally Posted by MrSinatra View Post
based on what you see in those screenshots BP, what is the problem? that my specific profile is not specifically listed as an owner? is that the correct diagnosis?
There is no problem shown in your screenshots. Permissions are just inherited downwards. And you can correct that using the instructions I popped in the above post. What happened back in history was you created the M:\AUDIO\ folder and then that laid out the rules for the permissions of everything that then followed. When you correct the top most folder of M:\AUDIO\ by adding MrSinatra with "Full Control" and tick the magic tick box, it will then propagate your changes all the way down the tree.

Originally Posted by MrSinatra View Post
if so, don't i just need to apply your fix to the folder and sub-folders/files affected? we're talking 400gigs here, most of which works properly. will your fix make the bad screenshot look like the good one?
You just need to apply the fix to the highest level folder and then it will propagate down for you. You will not need to do every single sub-folder as that would drive any sane person mad. (Or a mad person madder)

When you set the permissions on the highest level, you choose what you want to see there. (Generally "full control" for MrSinatra). Basically you make the folder look like your "good" screenshot. You only really need to touch the MrSinatra settings as the settings of a single user will override the group settings.

Originally Posted by MrSinatra View Post
also, why does this happen at all? the only difference is where i ripped to with EAC, either system drive, or direct to the ext drive. (typically i rip to system drive, and move it after, and have np's with that). how can i keep this from happening going forward if i want to rip direct to the ext?
Why does it happen? 'cos them is de rulez of the serverz set down by magic pixies at Microsoft. Reasons lost in the history of time, but backward compatibility means they don't dare change it. Server Admins who live in those dark caves of the basement need these fine tunable settings to wind up the users. Sorry - I mean to be able to keep data safe from accidental deletion, etc. To keep lusers away from vital system data or confidentiality. There have been some additions now to bring in UAC at the desktop level. (And in the Win7 world you are supposed to stick in the C:\Users\ folders to keep your life simple. With that C:\Users\Public\ being the branch setup for you to share to other people.)

Or, more importantly, when you created the higher level folder M:\AUDIO\ it set the file rights for everything below it. And you then confused things by "moving" in folders from your system drive which would have probably taken their own settings along with them.

I often see a mess where a user rips to the desktop, gets permissions of the single user on the desktop, then they move that folder to the server and wonder why the rest of the company cannot access their files. This will be because the inheritance had been turned off on that parent folder.

To keep this from happening, set the rights you want to see on M:\AUDIO\ and make sure the ticks are set for the inheritance of the rights down the tree. Also check that the location where you are ripping to has the correct rights set on the folder.

And don't try and be clever. Don't try and change the settings on your system ROOT drive or \Windows\ folder or \Progam Files\ folders. These are there for your own safety. Best to leave well alone. Just do your ripping to a C:\RIPPY\ folder with carefully managed settings. (Or to M:\AUDIO\ once you have it cleanly setup)

Originally Posted by MrSinatra View Post
sorry for my clumsy understanding of the problems here, and thx again for the help!
No worries about clumsy. This is the Black Arts of Permissions Knowledge. Hidden behind bizarre and wonderous dialog boxes. There are some pages in those dialogs that are just weird and I have never touched. I try and just fettle with the stuff I know works.

As to "ownership", you should be okay with ignoring that. As you made the files in the first place, you or the admistrator group will already be owner. You only really need to mess with "ownership" when transferring stuff from an old PC which had been in a restricted folder.

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