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No 2 Modern skins in a row

Hello !

I'm not really a newbie, as I've been using Winamp for over 10 years !! However, I used only those beautiful Classic Skins such as the Wolf tribe, etc... Now, I've decided to try the Modern Skins. No problems with the cPro's which look great although cumbersome if you want to use them only to decorate your screen. However, many - non cPro- are "fancy" but difficult to use, & many are "fancy" & impossible to use !!

I never have any problems with the .wal skins that have the square shape of a Classic Skin, but when I try "fancy" .wal skins, then the problems begin. I am unable to "play" 2 Modern skins in a row, I have to switch to a Classic Skin then play my second Modern Skin, etc...
An example is with those fancy ZDL skins. It also happens with many skins such as Invicta followed with GrayZ, WOO HOO FER followed with "Resurgence", etc... If I include a plain Classic Skin between these 2 ferocious beasts, all will be fine. But if I click one directly after the other, I get this window:"Microsoft Visual Runtime Error Library Runtime Error ! Program: c\Program Files\Winam\Winamp. exe R 6025 -pure virtual function call ok"
(Which forces me to close Winamp & sometimes reboot my computer as closing down Winamp & playing some music won't work, Winamp will not "come on" & there will be no sound, so I have to reboot.

What a pain in the neck !! I must say that I have high- speed broadband connection, my computers are regularly maintained, etc...

I run the latest Winamp (but with an older Winamp 6 months ago, it was the same thing), I have 2 laptops & the same problem happens on both, I have anti virus suite BitDefender + Malwarebytes anti-malwares, I just don't know what else to do.

Can anyone help??

P.S. I wrote about this some month ago and some Mr. O. or something like that wrote me two rude lines suggesting I was either crazy or my computers should be thrown away.
I expect more courtesy, more decency & better suggestions this time!!
We don't come here to be mocked a made fools of !!
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