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without the info tool report which has been asked for numerous times (and which i still do not see in any of your posting history), there is little any one is going to be able to suggest in addition to what has previously been made.

and i'm assuming you're referring to my comments in which i do not see how they were rude and i never said you had to throw your computer away - i only said "probably time to just re-build the OS install..." which is not at all the same as "my computers should be thrown away." as all of the error messages you have mentioned are not normal and is likely indicative of larger issues than just what is not working correctly in your Winamp setup.

and i have not intended to mock or disrespect anyone, but we ask for things like info tool reports for specific reasons (especially when repeatedly asking for specific information we do not get responses back). but clearly something is being lost in translation of my replies so i'll leave you in peace to avoid any further distress i have been causing you.

and as i leave, has been implemented internally (though i doubt i'll be believed).
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