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Without to see which endoder setting you are using, noone can help you and we can only guess. Because thousands of people are using this software without this issue and only you get it. So why it should not based on your local settings?

The issue could based on the difference between the sample rate of your encoder settings, your windows audio settings and/or maybe also between your used mp3-files.

I would check at first the windows sample rate settings to get: 16 Bit, 44100 hz! After that I would make sure that my encoder settings on the DSP plugin have the same sample rate. I would also check the record-level of the windows device which is used for the encoder settings to close out an over cooked signal. And then I would check my used mp3-files to test files with different and the same sample rate to close out that some funky encoded files are the issue.

Good luck!
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