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Some own works with Skinamp

I hope, that at least I can upload a .zip-folder with 2 MB, after the upload with 8 MB had failed in Nitorami's thread...

I have success. My .zip-folder contains the demo-images and the skins themselves, made with Skinamp, but also 2 transparent .png-files, which are dedicated to my music-taste with Ambient and to the legendary Space Night Earth Views.

I had made 4 more image-skins, but the musician in Ireland has the copyrights for the basic images, so that only my other 2 image-skins are in the .zip-folder, where also the basic images are 100% by me. Instead of 32 Classic Skins only 28 Classic Skins are in my .zip-folder.

In 2014 I had made my 2 .png-files and also my 12 Classic Skins (6 image-skins, 6 without images), and in 2016 I made also my other 20 Classic Skins, while my projects for them are much older, from 2014. I tried to use similar colors like for My Cloud Player in Firefox & Chrome. I want to leave the color codes also here...

Users of Winamp Lite will like the Skins, but the skins are useful also for Winamp Full, if only the following 3 windows are used anyway: Player, Equalizer, Playlist.

On Mediafire I have a bigger .zip-folder, also with .skn-files. The download-link can be found in my Devious Journal...

I hope, You will like my Classic Skins...
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