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Idea - option to set YOUR OWN "no image" artwork.

I want to be able to change the "no album art found" picture from the default grainy Llama to something nicer, like a picture of a record player or something. A user on Youtube gave me instructions on where to find the "no_alb_art" file and how to change it, but these changes only affect the Bento and Big Bento skins, I cannot get this change to work on Winamp Modern, which is my preferred skin, and even though I >have< gotten the change to work in the Bento skins, it still has glitches where there is bits of black on it when I click on the other songs in my playlist.

Another thought... perhaps maybe it would be possible to have an animated gif of a record player animating when a song that has no embedded art is being played. That would certainly be more entertaining to look at than just a pixelated Lllama.

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