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Tape Restore Live! Plugin issues with v5.666


I am attempting to use Tape Restore Live! Plugin with WinAmp 5.666 (

It appears to install correctly, and is set as my default plugin. However it initially opens, then quickly dissappears as WinAmp loads.

Then only way to find it in WinAmp is to go to Preferences, DSP/Effect plug-in, and click on "Configure active plug-in." Otherwise it doesn't show.

I tried it in WinAmp v2.95, and it functions correctly there, but this old version has its own issues in Windows 7 that I currently use, so is not a feasible solution.

Is it a bug? Not sure, but I'd really like to be able to use this plug-in less painfully in the current WinAmp version! Any ideas how to get it to work properly?

There is no other plugin that comes close for my task, but if anyone else knows of an equivalent that works well in 5.666, then I'd be grateful for a link.
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