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Originally Posted by MRGfm View Post

I did not quote you, I wasn't answering to you. It was a general consideration after reading all the posts in the 2 resent threads in this forum.

What I meant with "Gone"? Just use a little bit of your imagination...
No payments, no answers (only automated replies), my direct contact in Radionomy (I met him in NYC last year) left just a few days before this ugly situation...

To me, it doesn't look very promising... personally I don't think this is going to end with the radio stations getting the many pending payments and a normal work relation resuming...
No it's not looking promising indeed.

I've send them a letter with February 21 as deadline. From there I am going to legal steps to get my money. My lawyer came with some interesting suggestions.

Look, I understand things can go wrong. At least, take some responsibilities and inform your partners. By not doing that is just showing they don't care.
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