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Originally posted by binary hero
quite definitley system shock 2. Scary, very very playable, well thought out, well made, revoloutionary and it even contains the name of a forum member
XERXEEEEEEESSSSSSS! Heh. SS2 scared the living shit outta me. I played it late at night, in the dark basically, because it was when I was visiting my aunt, and didn't want to bother them. Baaaaaaad idea. The part where you go into the room, turn around, and realize the door has shut on its own, and you can't go anywhere? At first I thought it was a glitch... and then I realized something was VERY WRONG. I had to go take a break, it was getting to me too much. I was, however, a bit disappointed with the graphics quality, and the fact that there aren't really all that many bad guys, just a bunch of the same ones.

I still like Unreal Tourney. I never could get the hang of Half-Life. And I still like Quake II; oh, and Starcraft.

Older games? Sonic was always fun. Commander Keen rocked my world (I know, we had this discussion in another thread, but it brings back good memories). Oh, and what about Carmen Sandiego! And GOOGOLPEDE! The Googol games were so fun! We used to play those in fifth grade during math class. If anyone else remembers these, LET ME KNOW!

Bilbo, they have a GAME about HARRIERS? I want it! I gotta go find it! They had one at our airshow here in St. Louis, and stopped it over the river. Basically, they did four fly-bys; first at 50% of full speed, second at 40%, and so on down to 20% of full speed. Then, they made a very large loop, came _straight at us_ at 10% speed, and stopped over the water, facing us. It was absolutely freaky to see a JET stopped in midair. They did 2 360-degree turns, and then took off facing away from us. Quite loud. Quite awesome
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