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omit digs games games are fun. dunno if i have a focused favorite tho i dont get to play that many at all and none for pc fer fault of my famously crappy computer. right now im into ico, duke nukem land of the babes, and metal gear solid 1+2. metal gear solid deserves respectable mention; its story had many layers and was extremely well thought out, i thought. in my opinion it was much deeper than most movies and every game for sure that i had played or seen. i own but have only just messed around with mgs2. i find that i dont really sit and waste infront of a game for very long i just play a little and become restless, therefore it takes a great many sits before i get anywhere.

- omits most anticipated game for august 3 8:25 central 2002 gungrave or zone of the enders two (cant decide which )

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