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New development version:

Changelog (2.4.5 beta 2 alpha 7 7/Apr/2007):
# From now, it is an official version.
# Added: setFocus dll function: Set the focus on the specified control in parameter. It was designed to be used in your leave script functions. Prefer to use the FOCUS flag if you can.
# The compilation option USE_FOPEN_S was renamed in USE_SECURE_FUNCTIONS (in VisualStudio 2005 only)).
# Fixed: Applied IO Patch that kill some compiler warnings under Linux and mingw32.
# Fixed: Use installer's name for message boxes (IO patch #1661677).
# Size optimization: msdn now says SHGetMalloc returns the same allocator CoTaskMemFree uses and a little debugging backs this even on Windows 95.

Known bugs:
_ Transparent Icons are not transparent in the page...
_ Button are not drawn if I use my SkinnedButton plugin... whereas that work very well with InstallOptions
_ When you use the DIRREQUEST Dialog, It doesn't go to the directory indicated in the Text control.
See the test2.nsi Example


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