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Well, I've been using winAmp since before it was aquired by AOL, and it's been great in those days. since the AOL take over, I've bounced from on play to another, but I've always found my way back to winAmp here and there just to check out the new versions to see if it has made any real improvements. So far, there has been NO real leading edge improvements, it has just managed to keep up with the other guys software. Lately, I've been checking out the aimp2 player, and it's awesome with much cleaner sound quality. Luck for me winAmp is modular enough that I can drag and drop new plugins as I see fit to suit my needs.

So to even get winamp to sound even close to aimp2 I had to remove/disable the stock im_mp3 plugin and use the MAD mp3 plugin instead. I'm not sure if it's winAmp or the MAD mp3 plugin, but aimp2 still sounds better, cleaner and has better definition. Nullsoft's in_mp3 plugin sucks lamas arse and distorts the bass and muds up the highs. Thompsons mp3pro decodes is better, and MAD mp3 decoder is miles better, but aimp2 is still by far the cleanest sound of all.

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