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I can imagine, if someone wants to do some edits in some sections and then hits "Enter" for viewing the edits, then suddenly Winamp can crash, and the edits of a preset cannot be viewed anymore. Because I myself had changed only the codes for the textures and nothing else, I have no experiences with the edits in other sections than "warp" and "comp".

At least I didn't experience crashes of Winamp with some more presets by other preset authors when I wanted to see them.

BTW, I have uploaded 3 more smaller .zip-folders on Mediafire (between 11 and 19 MB), after "tiledwater" now also "untiledwater", "waterall", "waterfinal". You can visit "Winamp forever - Music forever!!!" by Sternenmaschinebine on DeviantArt, I have just edited it and added the download-links also there. This weekend I want to see my "water textures" in Winamp...

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