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Hello Fumbling_Foo,

I am so glad to see You online again after 6 weeks.

This evening these will be 2645 skins and 40496 presets (52216 in my ultra-archive). And because 4 days ago I have made sunset-photos on a bridge, I have now 4716 textures and 896 desktop wallpapers (356 by me). I will try to update tomorrow, today these will be and on Mediafire.

Some of the good artists from the Dub Techno Scene want to have their music 100% perfect, too. They upload demo-tracks on SoundCloud, delete them and upload updated versions of the same tracks a few times, before they release their next final albums or single tracks. And I myself want to have my collections more and more perfect.

Yesterday I had my date. From the neurologic side everything is okay, nothing has been found, why I have my problems with my hand.

I have planned to return into:
Winamp & SHOUTcast Forums > Community Center > The Bitchlist

But I suggest to visit again also "What are you listening to right now?" in:
Winamp & SHOUTcast Forums > Community Center > Music O'Rama

Try to take the time and enjoy some good music, the music of Your taste...

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