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Then these will be 40603 presets in the presets folder and 52247 presets in the ultra-archive. And because today I have downloaded a new random texture from deviantART and also added it to my favourites, these will be 4845 textures. I am on 272/784 wallpapers for cPro - KAO and 376/916 wallpapers for Komodo X Touchscreen / DESKTOP. I am still on 2645 skins.

A cold had forced me to be in absence for 1 week. Now I am updating again my .zip-folders on Mediafire. I have worked again on my artwork, photos and photo-edits to get my collections more and more perfect.

If for the upcoming evening I will not have enough time anymore for some good Dub Techno on my notebook with the Beyerdynamic DT-990 headphones, then hopefully on one of the following evenings I can do the Listen & Watch...

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