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Since yesterday these are 40604 presets (52248 in my ultra-archive)...

Also I am on 4985 textures, 488/1028 wallpapers for the desktop and 2622 skins, after I had deleted 29 skins and added 5 other skins. I had to re-create the 5 skins as fixed versions on another way than I usually do, if I zip up a folder. But at least these skins finally can be loaded.

I was in the internet only shortly, then I went to the big discussion in real (every 6 months). But later in the evening I had some good music running on my notebook, and it is no problem for me to navigate through the Load-Menue. I click "L", then "G", and I scroll up to Your presets. With 32 presets per page currently these are 1269 pages.

From the presets folder I myself have excluded those presets which have a filesize from 167 to 412 KB. I am afraid, that they could cause a hanging or crash of Winamp because maybe the filesizes are too large for Winamp and the Milkdrop Visualizer. Do You Yourself have them in Your Winamp? Maybe You should move them out, too.

Some other presets have too long filenames, and I had to cut the filenames to get them also into Winamp_Backup in C > username > Appdata > Roaming, not only into Winamp. And those presets have to stay outside which had driven me to the nuts, more than 7300 very ugly presets with very annoying filenames by the same preset author. Also I want to use more the presets with the preset authors at the beginning of the filenames. And some dubclicates have stayed outside, too, they would have disturbed the overview of the list only. At least I have the harmonic balance with the presets in my both Winamps on my PC & notebook.

I hope, that also You Yourself get Your problems solved and that Your Winamp will not freeze anymore with so many presets.

I myself have to go off now, no deviantART today anymore. We will see us again this week...

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