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I forgot to mention, that maybe You should open Your Winamp and wait first before You start also the music. After opening my Winamp on my notebook I go into the Visualization Tab without having the music running, and I do other things first before I take the time for listening to music with the headphones on the couch.

If You use a SUI-Skin (Modern Skin with the Single-User-Interface), then open Your Winamp, go into the Visualization Tab without having the music running for some minutes, then go back into the Media Library Tab, start the music and go back into the Visualization Tab. If You use a Non-SUI-Skin with multiple windows instead (Classic or Modern), then open the Visualization Window for some minutes without having the music running, then close it, start the music and open again the Visualization Window.

I hope, the problems with the freezing of Winamp can be saved on this way...

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