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Originally Posted by hakanh View Post
I like "Star Nova v3" but I want to see only in single mode. When I hit the enter key, I see very agile movements in the middle sometimes. I think, it is very energetic. Such a situation did not exist before. (in Star Forge series)

I tried to fix it, but I can not say that I am fully successful. Can you share an edit version without that effect?

I can still say that the Star forge v14d is my favorite.
Hello hakanh, I'm glad that you like SN v3 . I'm not sure what you mean by "single mode," but I may be able to change the agile center movements with a quick n' dirty fix. I'll probably look into that tomorrow or over the next few days . I'm also happy that you mentioned v14d because otherwise I would have glanced over that (and also most other) version. For now, then lets say that v14d is king as far as Star Forge is concerned . But also, you got me to working on a new version of Star Forge based on some of my more recent developments, hopefully this is a good version too . I'd say that its waay different from v14(d), for better or worse, but its what I got with what I had with the recent developments. Cheers !
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