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Ooops, I didn't take the time yet to check out the other presets. But I have watched the Hakan Videos 2 days ago. And today I have downloaded Your newest preset.

When we ourselves had recorded yet what we had played on our keyboards, we used only the Beyerdynamic DT-990 and no loudspeakers, so that no sound had left our leased apartment. Later the audio mixer didn't work anymore, some elements got broken although we always were very careful with all hardware. Also my both mobile devices from 2012 had died in Autumn 2015 and in Autumn 2017 although I had used them only rarely.

Also for watching TV the loudspeakers are on a very low volume, and I want to be kept up to date with the TV-News. Many other tenants in the multi-family-houses use their hoovers also on the Sundays, but we ourselves always have followed the "House Rules": no loud music, no hoover, no hammer, no drilling-machine etc. in times where it is not allowed. But using the toilet and water in the own leased apartment cannot be prohibited.

Do You enjoy the music in Winamp with loudspeakers or with headphones or with both? Of course in 16:9 the Milkdrop Visualizer looks much better than in 4:3...

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