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Originally posted by gaekwad2

Now THAT's a great fucking movie! Toshiro Mifune's action scenes are incredible, all the more so because they are so brief. He pulls out the saumrai sword, kills a buncha guys, puts up the sword, walks away calmly, never breaking a sweat. He pauses to tell the coffin maker how many more coffins he's gonna have to make. The greatest action hero ever.

And the greatest action movie line ever:

Bandit(all bluster): Go ahead! Kill me if you can!

Mifune (very cool, warning): It'll hurt.

Bruce Willis tried to deliver the same line in the American remake "Last Man Standing", and he just couldn't do it justice. Even if you don't know Japanese, you can see Mifune nailing it, his delivery dead on.

Mifune was Marlon Brando, Clinit Eastwood, Arnold Schwazzengger, Jackie Chan, and Marilyn Monroe rolled up in one! I remember seeing him in a movie... I can't remember the name, but he was riding a horse at full gallop, and swinging a saumurai sword over his head with both hands. From the shot you could tell: this was no stunt man, no fake horse. And it was in the 1950's, so you know it wasn't a computer effect. It was really Toshiro Mifune, one of the greatest film actors of the 20th century, swinging a big heavy fucking samurai sword over his head while riding a horse at maybe thirty miles per hour... while someone was driving a truck alongside him with a camera!

He was an amzing talent, and Yojimbo may have been his best star vehicle. (The Seven Samurai was a greater masterpiece, but more of an ensemble piece, not so much about Mifune.)

Anyone who doesn't know who Toshiro Mifune was (He died, I think it was, in 2000) MUST check out Yojimbo. It turns up on IFC every now and then. Reading a few subtitles won't kill you.

On the subject of Japanese Cinema, and Akira Kuroswa, In my spotty list, I wish I'd remembered to include "Ikiru"-- an amazing drama about a japanese Civil servent who learns he is dying of stomach cancer. The first time I saw "Ikiru" was the most emotionally moving experience I have ever had with a movie. I don't usually cry at movies, but at the end of Ikiru, I bawled. Loudly. Like a four year old.
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