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I have created several VB6 Applications that I make available on my website as 'FreeWare'.
I recently started using NSIS to create install packages. I copy all of the support files into the $INSTDIR , that, for WinVistaAndBeyond, has its own subfolder in the folder structure: C:Users\Public\... This is to reduce the chance that my applications would have minimal effect on and be minimally effected by other applications on the PC.

For each application I have been using RegDLL "$INSTDIR\RICHTX32.OCX" to register each .OCX file used by that application. This seems to work fine when I have installed several of my applications, each in their own $INSTDIR.

The problem arises when I uninstall any of the applications using UnRegDLL "$INSTDIR\RICHTX32.OCX" . This causes all of the applications to have their own copies of the .OCX files to be UnRegistered.

I have not noticed a difference running in a PowerUser Login or 'RunAsAdministrator'.
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