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Thank you for your responses.

I have been trying to absorb them. I am definitely using VB6 and so far the only error messages from a fresh install of my freeware applications refer to unregistered .OCX files.

My understanding of the terminology in AppendixB faltered with the mention of Libraries. I do want my 'support files' to be NOTSHARED . That is why I copy (File...) them into each application's $INSTDIR . I am trying to continue with this approach to avoid application entanglements.

I do not know what reg free COM is.

I started with regsvr32.exe and am happy to return to it. On some forum I was warned away from it because some PCs may not support it. I do not see a NOTSHARED option with it. e.g.:
ExecWait 'regsvr32.exe "$INSTDIR\RICHTX32.OCX" /S'

Thank you for your help.
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