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To Wrap Up:
I finally had success with all 4 Apps in the WinVista PC!

The last program to succeed uses the DTPicker control.

The NSIS script needed to copy both the MSCOMCT2.OCX and MSCAL.OCX from C:\WINDOWS\system32 . I had initially tried copying MSCAL.OCX from D:\Program Files\Microsoft Office\Office: --> That small mistake ~worked by first RunAsAdministrator, then Run as anybody. (The Mysterious Trick I have seen mentioned). Maybe this 'Trick' causes a 'self-registration' of MSCAL.OCX ?

The _.exe.manifest needed MSCAL.OCX as well as MSCOMCT2.OCX...

I also added the MS Windows Calendar... to the components for my Application.

I have not found any clear 'requirement' for MSCAL.OCX. Mysterious?

Thank you for your help!
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