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Winamp will only remember (between sessions) the size and positions of some of the windows it uses. The Windows OS will usually remember the last size and position of windows if the <Ctrl> key is held down when the windows are closed.

"WinSize2" (link below) is a free open source program for Windows that you can use to remember nearly every windows' size and position. All you have to do is run the winsize.exe application, activate the window that you want to be remembered, and use <Ctrl+Alt+Z> keys to do so.

This saves that window's size and position. Whenever you open it again, it opens in the exact same location provided that WinSize2 is running in the background. If used for saving Windows Explorer's size and positions when viewing certain folders, it will change to the size and position automatically when switching to another location in Windows Explorer that you have saved the size and position for.

The program offers lots of other features, for instance there is an option to save the desktop layout of the system. Some apps are written in a way that overrides the saved size and position.

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