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Same here. I need to preview a song before I add it to the playlist.

OR, does any one like it when a DJ, equal home or club, break a song preview some song and then continue with the playlist??? I not. One time is o.k. More often DJ go out!

I tested several programms. For those who realy need that feature can test ultramixer, e-mix or the best with preview and useable library is audomate.

That mean not that I doesn't like winamp. I am a first time user of Winamp since his beta testing phase. It has the best media library I ever saw. With the best modulate able filters, Files views and so on. right click on it an queue to playlist. That I never saw on one other program.

BUT over the years still no preview on a secondary audio channel!!!

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Winamp, Audomate 3.4(135), Ultramixer or E-Mix
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