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I'm fairly certain that "jump to album" is not a function native to Winamp.
So I assume you're using a plug-in.
If so, I can't help much, but maybe there is documentation somewhere.

Metadata for a file is obtained from either tags or file names.
In Preferences see: Media Library > Watch Folders

Playlists use the "Advanced title display format" for display. Users can create an ATF string.
In Preferences see: General Preferences > Titles

That screenshot looks like a list of track titles.
Maybe accurate tagging and/or uniform file name formatting and/or modifying the ATF string will give you an acceptable list.

Any file can be on multiple playlists. Winamp doesn't keep a record of which playlists a file is on.
I'm fairly certain that you will never be able to load a playlist by specifying any particular file.
Don't confuse "Albums" with "Playlists".

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