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Whoops, my mistake. You're right, that function actually belongs to a plugin I installed previously, 'Album List'. I was able to familiarize myself with how this plugin works and queue every one of my folders as separate albums. Now I can use the jump to album function to freely switch between albums/folders, and then use the 'jump to box' function to search for a song from that album. In the end, this is exactly what I wanted to achieve. Turns out creating playlists was unnecessary.

It's a bit messy with multi-disc soundtracks however, so I had to tag each MP3/FLAC in this case with a track number and then merge all disc folders together. That way multi-disc soundtracks are cleanly displayed as single albums rather than multiple ones for each disc.

Just one more question though: In the playlist editor, do you know how tracks are sorted by default? I know you have 3 different custom sort options: 'title', 'filename' and 'path and filename,' but I don't know what the default is. From what I can tell it seems to be sorting by track numbers which is incredibly convenient as all of my multi-disc soundtracks have been tagged in a way that depends on this kind of sorting method.

Other than that, thanks a lot. You've been a great help. I don't think I would have realized that album list is separate from Winamp any time soon.
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