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Apple Lossless in Winamp or some other light media player?

Well for the longest time all my music has been in 320 kb/s MP3s but I've decided to re-encode all my CDs that I have to Apple lossless. This is due to the purchase of a brand new shiney 160 GB iPod Classic and decided to fill that space with my library in lossless (right now it's about 18ish GB before the lossless, don't know afterwards yet though cause I'm not finished re-encoding). Now the only problem is, iTunes is not my regular media player (it's too large and too much of a lag for me while playing games) but WinAMP is. Now I've loved WinAMP for years now because of how light it is and how low profile in the RAM, however I am bummed to find that I cannot play these Apple Lossless files in WinAMP. I've searched a bit on WinAMP forums and some others finding no luck yet and was hoping to find an answer here.

So if you want to skip reading all that look here:
How do I play Apple Lossless files in WinAMP, and if not is there a light media player out there (maybe just anything but iTunes) that can play Apple Lossless?
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