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64-Bit Registry Read + Manifest (Dummy Needs Help!)

After reading dozens of posts in this forum and looking through the NSIS documentation, I have a problem I can't seem to solve. Very simply, I have an application that was written for 32-bit installation and now desire to install under 64-bit O/S (Win 7) as well. The code below works fine under 32-bit XP, but does not work under 64-bit Win7:

StrCpy $Acad "SOFTWARE\Autodesk\AutoCAD\R18.0\ACAD-8001:409"
ReadRegStr $5 HKLM $Acad "ProductName"
MessageBox MB_OK "Acad = $Acad 5 = $5"
StrCpy $Acad "SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion"
ReadRegStr $5 HKLM $Acad "ProductName"

Actually, I am able to read the Windows current version under either and that makes it all the more mysterious to me. I would think that simply inserting 'SetRegView 64' before this code would make it work fine in 64-bit, but that doesn't seem to do the trick.

Also, I'm not finding lots of help on the manifest. Is it really just that I need to use NotePad to create a file named 'MyInstaller.exe.manifest' according to the format noted in and place in the same folder as my NSIS installer exe?

Like I said, kind of feeling like a dummy right now. Thanks in advance for any help offered.
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