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Originally Posted by ClintJCL2 View Post
I looked into my hidden system tray icons and removed some volume mixer that came with my motherboard, and set it to not start with windows. I falsely assumed that it's a good idea to run the software that comes with my hardware. HAHA!
As suggested above, other programs often interfere. And most of these programs that come with hardware are a waste of time. Cameras, Printers, all of them. All you want on the computer are the drivers - everything else is often of debatable quality. And as you have seen in this example - the installed utility probably had not been updated for Windows 7.

Hopefully other people will spot your post and get answers from it now. Would be nice to know which soundcard that is in your PC (As I assume that signature mentioning the 900Mhz Athlon is an old one. And there was a good example from the past as to why you should never install all the crud that comes with your hardware. Some of the stuff with the classic SB Live was just awful )
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