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Shoutcast 2 plays wrong playlist after transcoder restart

I am running my radio with shoutcast 2. I have organiszed a 24 hour schedule, every 2 hours a new music playlist with priority 2. Every 15 minutes i have several station jingles (abou 5 - 10 seconds) in seperate playlists (only one mp3 for one playlist). They come with a priority 6. There is no Intro file and no playlist set with time periode "128".

All works fine but if I restart the transcoder then there will be played first all jingles from the last 30-60 minutes before. The stream starts with 1, 2 or 3 Jingles first before the actual playlist will be played. Even if I deactivate these actual jingles from the last 60 minutes, then there will be played other jingles from any time periodes before.

I am very puzzeled about this. There is no visable mistake and if the radiostream is active all jingles and music playlists will be plpayed perfectly in a running order. I have this problem only after a restart of transcoder and radio stream.
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