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Originally Posted by alfabravo14 View Post

The "shuffle" (called "random" in Centova)
sucks in at least Centova which controls/uses Shoutcast.

I no longer use that...cause it causes playlist set to "random"
to not play at all...tracks are simply skipped.

I have tested that ripping back my own stream
continiously for many i have a whole folder full with mp3´s that were played
the ripper adds a timestamp also....all the mp3´s that are in "random" playlists
dont appear in that folder...and i did not hear them being played.

Cant tell you if that is a bug in Shoutcast or Centova
i bet they (one or the other) know about it...but never mention it
Most stations are not serious and dont check it like i they dont complain.

I don't use Centova. I use TekBase. I cannot confirm that my playlists will be played random. Only some playlists (not more than 3 in a row) with very short content (less than about 5 minutes down to some seconds and with only one mp3 file) will be played after a restart!
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