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I know that the size is huge and there is no UI code in the DLL. If I create an empty DLL with Delphi 10.3 (RIO) (I'm not using Lazarus) the size is in "Release" mode 1 MB by default - in "Debug" around 5 MB.

I tried to remove the RTTI features which reduces the size to ~800KBs. I don't know if this is it worth - but I can do this with the next release.

Other options are:
- Use the ANSI DLL and a non Unicode Installer
- Use a better compressor in the NSIS setup to reduce the size of your installer
- Use UPX and compress the SimpleSC plugin (in my opinion the worst solution)
- Don't use the plugin and use Windows "net sh" or "sc" commands. (in my opinion the unprofessional solution)

The plugin is used only by the installer. Therefore I think a 1MB DLL is huge but in >= 2021 the size should no longer matter so much (it's only my opinion!)

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