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WACUP beta link does not appear to me for download.

Summer version of WACUP, this offer two changes VS Winamp project and classic skin.
1) DPI of text within Player active window, this gets improved (played song name).
2) Play list window this gets also double side too (frame - border - buttons).

Unfortunately for old classic skins made by others, there is no visual improvement, buttons and fixed logos over the skin still appear with blur.

I am now assuming that older skins they need editing so their own graphics DPI this to be manually increased.

WACUP classic skin this is nice at double size (equal appearance to winamp classic) but there is no setting so the font color within lists to be something else than green.

In summary, the new user of WACUP he will not find any major and impressive change, if he is up to using older made skins.

Additionally when moving WACUP player window at my desktop, it seems to be there some sort of (Microsoft DirectX) sensitivity, pixels disappear momentarily when the window is moved until to be docked at new location.
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