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i downloaded some files that had id3v1, id3v2, and apev2 tags.

i then used the ML to mass edit their albumartist field. the changes show up in winamp, in the ML and also when i check each tag in the "view file info" dialog.

but when i view the files in mp3tag, the changes (which i made to the AA field) do NOT show up. the original value is there, and mp3tag is showing me the APEv2 tag info only, (it only displays one tag layer at a time)

so i deleted the apev2 and id3v1 tag, and left just the id3v2 tag, and now the correct info displays.

so i believe winamp may have a problem editing ape tags in any kind of way, not just deleting them. worse, the data shown on the ape tag in view file info was apparently untrue!


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