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Originally Posted by OrajelJunkie View Post
Winamp has auto tagged wrong???????
I'm sure you must be talking about songs you illegally downloaded that were already improperly labeled.
many others and myself included (with legitimate files from a CD i owned) have seen incorrect auto tagging responses. as the system is only as good as what people put into it and then there's also the potential of collisions in any fingerprint based setup (however good it may be). so Winamp's existing Gracenote based system may work well for some, but not for many others depending on the file and what's in the system for it already.

and then in general i tend to find Gracenote's responses are often quite poor and inconsistent in formatting (especially with CD's) where i've seen it vary wildly on the same CD (which is most frustrating especially when comparing to the physical details on the CD case...).

Originally Posted by ChiggyChiggy View Post
Were there any other plugins developed for Winamp that gave some form of similar tagging feature from alternate databases like say, FreeDB, MusicBrainz, AllMusic (IIRC thats where WMP gets its tags from)? Kinda similar perhaps to the one Winamp uses to access CDDB?
not that i'm aware off, though we're likely to be changing to a MusicBrainz based setup instead of Gracenote (which i suspect some will not like, but not much can be done about that based on what Gracenote charge for access to their system).

Originally Posted by ChiggyChiggy View Post
Oh and btw, another rather popular software for tagging music (TuneUp Media) uses gracenote/CDDB and it allows you to choose of what it find that are a match to your tracks, so the feature does exist, just... not in Winamp
that would likely depend on the Gracenote SDK being used and how Winamp is processing the possibility of multiple returned values (without checking, i think it ends up assuming the first response is the most appropriate). though it's something i'm keeping in mind for the replacement implementation.
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