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Searching for presets author' s names


Dear Milkdrop designers, users,

I have a little problem that I can't solve by myself, so I drop a hello and a please help.
here it is : I have downloaded on this forum the incredible 52k bank of presets for Milkdrop.

No need to say I have already spend hours browsing between fantastic presets made by many, many people. What a surprise to find here so beautiful visualizations, it must have been tons of work for each one to get all this to the level of originality, complexity and crazyness it has reached.
I liked the exotic, excentric, decadent naming (and sometimes a bit trashy) of some presets, made me think all that work must have meant a great involvment of personnalities (and ego.

I am just still thinking about "the attack of the beast" (can't exactly remember who did this), wich made me laugh a lot. What a crazy design! More than 52000 presets is of course huge, and it will be long time before I can test only a little part of it. This moreover shows how active that community has been working on the project during years, wow.

However, some of them have caught enough my attention and I decided, after asking for some authorisation in a previous post (on the forum) to make music videos with some Milkdrop presets of that bank, under conditions of correct crediting and advertizing, of course.

Here is the problem : the preset I just noticed have no real title or author 's name attached... They are only saves as numbers. So, if someone here can help me to find the authors or redirect me to someone who could know, it would be easier for me to give a fair credit line into the videos.

In this 52000 presets banks, these presets are : 129, 144,153,156,133,184,185,and 111.

I have no other informations on the preset makers, nothing else is written in the title, so please if you have an idea.

Thank you so much.
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